Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Have you ever given any thought to sitting on a Board of Directors for a company? At times it can be challenging, but overall it is an extremely rewarding and eye opening experience. 
Being a part of the Board of Directors for Southwest Regional Credit Union offers you the opportunity to learn valuable skills that can be transferred and utilized in both your personal and professional life. You will learn about the ins and outs of running a company and have a say in how the Credit Union is run. Additionally, you will learn about things such as marketing, communications, and gain leadership experience that will assist you to grow in your current career. 
If those benefits aren’t enticing enough, you have the ability to work side by side with brilliant leaders and business icons. Increasing your networking opportunities and building your resume.
Lastly and most importantly, you have the chance to make a difference in the community. By being on the Southwest Regional Credit Union Board of Directors you will have a say in the future success of the Credit Union and how the community will be impacted. If you’re looking to give back, gain valuable skills and experience, and increase your networking opportunities then joining the Board of Directors for Southwest Regional Credit Union is for you. 

We are currently looking for submissions from individuals interested in defining the future Southwest Regional Credit Union and making a difference in their community.

If you are interested in applying for a position on our Board, please submit your resume to For more information on the roles and responsibilities of our Board of Directors, please call our Board Secretary Glenn Wilson at 519-383-8001.

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