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Join the Board of Directors of the Southwest Regional Credit Union

For almost 75 years, Southwest Regional Credit Union has provided members with a safe, comfortable environment to manage their finances. Through this time, we have been an active leader in advancing the communities we serve, making sustainable contributions to our community and donating to the causes most important to our community and members.

The impact we make has always been attributed to the great leadership provided by our Board of Directors and, to position our credit union for future success, we are currently recruiting new leaders to serve on our Board.

What is a Board of Directors?

A Board of Directors provides oversight and strategic direction for the organization. They are responsible for managing the business affairs of the Credit Union, including establishing policies and approving the annual business plan.

To ensure strong financial performance, the Board of Directors oversees management’s implementation of risk measurement techniques and risk management procedures. They also manage community relations and are responsible for protecting members’ rights. As part of our mandate, Board members meet monthly to review management reports and encourage open discussions around them. They raise important questions regarding processes and operations as well as provide guidance in order to achieve strong financial performance and meet the needs of Southwest’s members and community.

Individual Board member responsibilities include:

  • Honesty - Acting in good faith and in the best interest of the Credit Union
  • Compliance - Complying with all relevant sections of The Act, The Regulations, the Credit Union's By-laws and other applicable laws and statutes
  • Confidence - Holding, in strict confidence, all transactions by members and the organization
  • Understanding potential conflict - Disclosing personal conflicts of interest and abstaining from discussing and voting on such conflicts

Define the Future of Your Credit Union

We are currently looking for submissions from individuals interested in defining the future Southwest Regional Credit Union and making a difference in their community. Our Board members also receive many personal benefits such as networking opportunities, resume building, leadership experience and remuneration for their valuable time.

If you are interested in applying for a position on our Board, please submit your resume to For more information on the roles and responsibilities of our Board of Directors, please call our Board Secretary Tony Gioiosa at 519-383-8001.

We look forward to incorporating the unique skills and experiences of our new Board members to further our commitment to the community and provide strong financial performance for our members.


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