2018 Donations

Southwest Regional Credit Union's Corunna branch proudly supports the Royal Canadian Legion's Poppy Fund.

Congratulations to our friends at Goodwill on the launch of your Connections Program!

We're happy to play a small part in the wonderful contributions Goodwill has made to our communities.

Congratulations to the first of our two Annual Survey Draw winners - Bill Millman!

Wallacburg’s Southwest Regional Credit Union wins for Hospice

Thanks to the staff at the Southwest Regional Credit Union Wallaceburg Branch, the Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation was awarded $2,500 to be used towards ongoing operating costs.

Terry Acs, Financial Services Administrator, was motivated to nominate Hospice for a national contest hosted by CUETS Member Card/Mastercard services after a co-worker’s family utilized the Chatham-Kent Hospice multiple times. Financial institutions were encouraged to nominate a local charity making an impact in their community.

Jodi Maroney, Executive Director – Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation recently attended Southwest Regional Credit Union’s Annual General Meeting to receive the donation.

“We are touched that Terry took the time to nominate Hospice for this award and are thrilled and grateful that we were chosen. The ongoing support we have received from Southwest Regional Credit Union is amazing!” said Jodi Maroney.

Photo: (L-R): Jodi Maroney – Executive Director, Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation, Terry Acs – Financial Services Administrator

About Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation:
The Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation is responsible for the fundraising activities needed to support Chatham-Kent Hospice. Our Mission is to enhance the financial sustainability of the Chatham-Kent Hospice by working with the community to raise funds, awareness and understanding to enable compassionate, quality near end-of-life experiences for the residents of Chatham-Kent. Our annual fundraising goal is $850,000.

About Chatham-Kent Hospice:
The Chatham-Kent Hospice is a 10-bed residential facility that offers care for residents facing end of life and support for their loved ones. The hospice provides comfort, support and specialized pain and symptom management in a home-like setting. Around the clock care is provided by dedicated physicians, nurses, personal support workers and volunteers. Since opening in April 2016, Chatham-Kent Hospice has served over 380 families. In order to offer these services at no cost to residents or their families, Chatham-Kent Hospice relies on donations from our community.

Download Media Release (PDF)

To learn more, visit www.chathamkenthospice.com or call 519-354-3113.

Jodi Maroney
Executive Director

Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation
Bus: 519-354-3113 ext. #2402
Cell: 519-784-9248