2020 Donations

Corunna supports Operation Christmas Tree 

Operation Christmas Tree is supported by our Cournna staff. 

Wyoming supports Wyoming Wellness Centre

The Plympton Wyoming Health & Wellness Centre is supported by the Wyoming staff. 

The Health Creation Lab Opens Its Door!

We are very proud to announce that the first Business Boost Bundle Winners have opened their doors! Congratulations to both Chelsea and Mason, we wish you the very best and much success!

Head Office Supports Hospice

The staff at the Head Office have chosen to support Pathways for Children this holiday season.

Sarnia Branch Supports Hospice

The staff at the Sarnia Branch have chosen to support St. Joseph's Hospice this holiday season. 

Every year on Credit Union Day each electronic transaction (debit card, POS, and ATM) is tallied, then we donate .25 cents for each transaction to a local charity. This year we selected  St. Joseph's Hospice. Hospice follows a two-pronged approach: residential care and community-based programs and services. The residence provides a home-like atmosphere where individuals, their families, and other members of their support team can receive compassionate care and comfort through end-of-life. Hospice is also about providing emotional and spiritual support for the terminally ill and their loved ones. Services and facilities are provided free of charge and available to all residents of Sarnia Lambton, regardless of faith, culture, or race.

Pictured are Maria Muscedere (St. Joseph's) Sherry VanBilsen (SWRCU), Glenn Wilson (SWRCU), and Tammy Witcher (St. Joseph's)

Traditionally, each of the four branches supports various events and agencies in the community. 2020 has been challenging with the cancellation of nearly every event that we would support. The effect of this is that our community support program has not been distributed as normal. After much discussion and feedback, our Senior Management team selected four of our local Foodbanks.

- $7,500 to the Inn of the Good Shepherd.

Pictured are Gina Savo (Sarnia Branch Manager),Mike Stark (City/County Councillor), Glenn Wilson (CEO Southwest RCU), Bill Dennis (City Councillor), Brian White (City/County Councillor), Myles Vanni (Executive Director Inn of the Good Shepherd)

 - $5,000 to the Petrolia Foodbank.

Pictured are Brian White (County Councillor), Brad Loosley Mayor of Petrolia, Sandra Hartman of the Petrolia Foodbank, and Glenn Wilson CEO of Southwest Regional.

- $5,000 to St. Andrews Foodbank in Corunna.

Pictured are Brian White (City/County Councillor),  Mike Stark (City/County Councillor) Charles Mortley-Wood (St. Andrews Foodbank), Susan Mathany (St. Andrews Foodbank) Glenn Wilson (CEO Southwest RCU), and Mayor Steve Arnold.

- $5,000 to Salvation Army in Wallaceburg.

Pictured Carmen McGregor-Chatham-Kent, Aaron Hall-Chatham-Kent, Allie Matthews Salvation Army Food Bank, Diane Johnston (Branch Manager Wallaceburg), and Glenn Wilson (CEO Southwest RCU).

The need never goes away, the many food drives that occur have been either canceled or downsized significantly. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. We hope that these donations will inspire and encourage others to support the local food banks in their community.