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Milestone Account

Achieve Your Money Management Goals with Milestones

Make the most of your money with Southwest Regional Credit Union’s Milestone Account

Buying your first car. Graduating from college. Owning your first home. When it comes to significant life choices, your twenties and thirties are marked by major milestones. Make sure you’re approaching these decisions in a manner that doesn’t just benefit you today, but also helps you build towards a better tomorrow.

Build strong financial management foundations today with help from Southwest Regional Credit Union and their new Milestone Account. Designed to meet the unique monetary needs of young adults ages 26 through 35, this specialized account does more than provide standard banking services – it offers a holistic approach to your overall financial health. For as little as $2.99 per month, the Milestone Account provides you with:

  • Unlimited transactions
  • A free small safety deposit box rental (while supplies last)
  • Free first set of standard cheques
  • Competitive rates on home/auto financing
  • Student loan repayment options
  • Online wealth management

Financial experts say it’s never too early to invest in your future. In fact, the earlier that you learn how to manage your money properly, the easier it will be for you to make sound financial decisions later in life.

There are many advantages to focusing on strong financial planning in your twenties. After all, now’s the time in your life when you’re choosing a career, paying your own bills, and potentially making long-term decisions about family and marriage. The more things change, the more you’ll want to make sure that your financial footings are stable. With Southwest Regional Credit Union’s Milestone Account, you’ll have the tools necessary to:

  1. Plan Ahead
    You can’t achieve your financial goals if you never take the time to set them; as such, now’s the time to seriously consider what you want out of your future. This will require you to look at your short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. Granted, these will likely change over time, which is perfectly ok. Once you have a budget and roadmap in place, you can adjust your course to accommodate these changes.
  2. Live Within Your Means
    Can you afford to go on that vacation? How will buying that new computer impact your current savings strategy? These are the kinds of questions you need to consider before taking on debt in your twenties and thirties. Now’s the time to borrow sparingly, and only for those things that have lasting value, such as the purchase of a home or an investment in your education. Learning to keep your spending in check now could save you thousands of dollars over the years.
  3. Get in the Habit of Saving
    Now that you have a career and a steady paycheque, it’s time to put that money to work for you. Talk to a Southwest Regional Credit Union financial advisor about automatically diverting a part of your paycheque every month into a savings account. This way, you won’t have to remember to transfer the money on your own; plus, if it’s not in your chequing account, you won’t be tempted to spend it.
  4. Kick Credit Card Debt to the Curb
    Don’t let credit card debt rule your life. Set a goal to pay off any outstanding credit card balances before your 30th birthday; then, commit to use your credit card only for expenses you can afford to pay off each month.
  5. Start Investing
    The trick with investing is starting small and building gradually. While you might not have thousands of dollars to work with today, that’s ok – even a few hundred dollars is enough to get the ball rolling. Then, as you mature and your income increases, you can begin to funnel more money into established investment channels. 

Let Southwest Regional Credit Union set you on the right path to achieving your goals. Contact a branch near you for more information on our Milestone Account and personal financial services. Together, we can help you build a better financial foundation.