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Southwest Regional Credit Union is happy to now provide the MemberDirect Mobile Banking App for its members! Banking has never been easier, with secure services and banking functions at your very fingertips.

The MemberDirect Mobile App is a terrific option for those who frequently use their debit card and want to know their account balances regularly and before making purchases. It also provides banking on a platform that is familiar to its users, and offers the convenience that works best for each user’s lifestyle.

What is the MemberDirect Mobile App?

The MemberDirect Mobile App is a mobile banking application that can be installed on your iOS and Android device. It lets you perform various banking functions while on the go. It brings together the most popular and most used features of online banking with the ease and convenience of familiar portable device platforms. It also eliminates the possibility of browser limitations that mobile devices can have when accessing your accounts through your mobile browser. 

What banking functions does the MemberDirect Mobile App provide?

With the Mobile App, users can securely and conveniently: 

  • View and access accounts
  • View account history with enhanced details
  • Perform immediate and scheduled bill payments
  • Perform immediate, scheduled and recurring funds transfers
  • Deposit CAD cheques using PaymentStream Deposit Anywhere
  • Perform Interac e-Transfers; can view, resend and cancel pending transfers and edit e-Transfer recipient list
  • View messages and e-statements

Are there any other functions the Mobile App provides?

In addition to the above listed banking features, the app also provides a branch/ATM locator, memorized accounts for multiple users, help feature, ‘contact us’ form to message the financial institution, as well as personal messages and financial and urgent reminders (only if your online banking already supports this feature).

Is the MemberDirect Mobile App available only for smart phones?

The Mobile App is also available on iPads, iPods and tablets. 

Can I use the MemberDirect Mobile App outside of Canada?

The MemberDirect Mobile App is designed to operate within Canada on a Canadian mobile network. However, if your carrier provides roaming services outside of the country, your app will most likely work outside of Canada as well. It would be best to check with your mobile service provider to find out roaming options and any associated fees.

Is the Mobile App secure?

The login is password protected and increased authentication is supported. Your phone can also be password protected to help increase security. Your personal information is as secure as it is with online banking.

What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

Your accounts can only be accessed if someone has the correct login details. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can deactivate Quickview and secure your accounts by logging on to online banking from a laptop or desktop. Click on Account Services and then on Mobile Banking App. From here, you can view your registered device, and click Remove to cancel displays of account balances on your mobile device.

Does the Mobile App cost anything?

There is no cost to download the MemberDirect Mobile App. However, the use of data is required, so your carrier may charge data fees when the app is downloaded and used. Search for MemberDirect Mobile App and download it today!